About Us

Iris’ beagle sisters, Ponya & Zhinka, started it all.


Dog Cookies by Iris is a proudly Canadian company, based out of Cobble Hill, British Columbia. Dog Cookies by Iris was started by Iris Gilchrist in her own kitchen for the love of her own two beagles, back in 1987.

Because Iris loved her two dogs so very much, and she wasn’t finding the type of quality product on the market that she wanted for her own dogs, she decided to create her own product for them!

Taking a generic recipe she found in the newspaper, Iris slowly began substituting the ingredients with healthier alternatives and eventually settled on what is now known as the Iris Cookies original recipe.

Iris made these original recipe cookies for years, for her own dogs and for friends’ dogs as gifts. Eventually people started ordering cookies from her for special occasions and were paying for the healthy treats.

From there, Iris started selling the cookies both privately and at a few Craft shows. Iris Cookies were such a success, that she began building a larger following of loyal dog treat buyers. Her original recipe cookie became so popular and the demand became so large, that she knew she had a real business going.

Iris knew she couldn’t make it alone on a single cookie recipe and has since developed several other healthy treats for dogs. Based on the original recipe, Iris began creating tiny, bite size squares, which now are known as bacon trainer bits! From there, such treats as Bacon and Molasses Cookie Bars; Bacon, Beet and Alfalfa Swirls; Cheesy Sweet Potato Kelpie Treats; Cheesy Breadsticks; Salmon Pumpkin Bites; Peanut Butter Bears and many additional recipes were added to the original recipe cookies to make a variety of healthy, human grade treats unlike any others on the market.

Iris Cookies are now successfully sold in retail stores throughout lower Vancouver Island. The quality of the product has never been compromised though, because Iris and her husband still makes every cookie by themselves. Each quality cookie is rolled, cut, baked, inspected and packaged by Iris and Jim, resulting in the utmost highest standards. In fact, Iris cookies are made of human grade ingredients, and organic ingredients are used whenever possible.

We hope you will agree that Iris Cookies are nutritiously sound, and bring joy to your hound. Dog Cookies by Iris are the best around. Please visit our ingredients page and judge for yourself the quality of our product.